CharMeck Court Watch, largest citizen-run group of its type in NC, Endorses Judge Levinson, October 2014. See the “News” section of website or click here for more details.

NC Troopers Association, Board of Directors, Unanimously Endorse Judge Levinson for Supreme Court, September 2014

N.C. Fraternal Order of Police – Largest law enforcement organization in N.C. – Endorses Judge Eric Levinson for Supreme Court, September 2014

Endorsed by Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, Jr. (ret.) and Justice Robert (Bob) Orr (ret.), who say that “Judge Levinson is simply the most qualified candidate.”

John S. Leary Bar, Association of Black Attorneys, Endorses Judge Levinson for Supreme Court, September 2014


Individuals who join our State’s highest court must demonstrate integrity and a high commitment to our rule of law. And I hope you agree that persons who join the Supreme Court of North Carolina should have the prior, real-life experience of working as a judge inside our trial courtrooms and must understand the importance of judicial restraint.


My commitment to our system of justice is unparalleled – no other judge or attorney in North Carolina has ever joined the Supreme Court after having served as a judge at all other levels of our judiciary. I wish to bring this breadth of experience to the Supreme Court of North Carolina as I seek to continue to serve the people of this State.

My commitment to North Carolina and the administration of justice has been consistent. I have been engaged in our courts and the rule of law for twenty years.

I am a native North Carolinian who received my law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. Between 1992-1996, I served as a criminal prosecutor in Cabarrus and Rowan Counties, N.C., and prosecuted homicide, sexual assault and other violent offenders. Between 1996-2002, I served as a Family and District Court Judge in Charlotte, N.C. and, in late-2002, was elected statewide as an Associate Judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. In 2007, I was called to serve my country overseas by the Bush Administration as the appointed Justice Attaché to Iraq for the U.S. Department of Justice where I managed the U.S. Government’s diplomatic relationships with the Iraqi judiciary; managed the in-country rule of law team that consisted of Assistant U.S. Attorneys and a variety of law enforcement professionals; and coordinated the establishment of Major Crimes Courts where terrorists were prosecuted. In 2008, I worked in Kabul, Afghanistan as a Rule of Law and Courts Advisor and collaborated with members of the Supreme Court of Afghanistan and helped draft and advance guidelines for new civil commercial courts. Upon my return to the U.S. in early 2009, a bipartisan group of Republican and Democratic lawmakers, business leaders, and community stakeholders endorsed my appointment to the North Carolina Superior Court. I currently serve the Superior Court in counties across western, central and eastern North Carolina and preside over our State’s most serious criminal cases and most complex civil conflicts.

I am committed to providing honest public services; to acting with integrity; and to working everyday to make the right decision. I respectfully seek your support and your vote.

Thank you.

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Eric has been serving North Carolina and his country as a lawyer, prosecutor or judge since 1992.


Eric’s record stands on its own as a fair-minded judge who rules on the law as written.


Eric takes into account the inalienable rights of each citizen, and believes in the right of all persons to equal protection before the law.

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