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Hi, I’m Levinson – welcome to my blog! Yes, its about law and justice, but no, its not boring!!!

The law is not always concerned with staid and dreary lawsuits; sometimes there are cases that are odd, to say the least. To start off my blog, I bring to you a collection of some of the most unusual cases to have been heard in the UK.

  • Tracey Ormsby, a Policewoman, tried to claim £1.5million damages when she was hit on the head by a pineapple. The judge saw sense and reduced her award to just £3000.
  • Lord Justice Ormrod, Lord Justice Dunn and Mr Justice Arnold made a memorable ruling in 1980, when they agreed that a woman who rationed sex to her husband was ‘acting reasonably’.
  • Cathy McGowan won a car on a local radio station, only to be presented with a toy one when she went to collect her prize. The court ruled that Radio Buxton pay her £8000 – the value of the apparently price Renault Clio – as they had entered into a legally binding contract.
  • Schools were subject to a High Court order that they must inform children watching ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the famous Al Gore climate change film, that it contains ‘partisan political views’.
  • Brian Clapton, a butcher, was subjected to a court order banning him from chopping meat too loudly between the hours of 6am and 8am.
  • Procter and Gamble, the major multinational, managed to get a court to rule that Pringles are not, in fact, crisps, thus saving the company thousands in VAT applied to such products.

The law can be a strange beast, and some of the above are cautionary tales that show exactly why you should fight your corner if you believe you are not being fairly treated.

Often, the outcome of a case may be far from certain.

Levinson for Justice!!!

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